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Iron Cross/Southern Cross Now  Available on Amazon.com

The Crescent Moon sequel has been pub- lished and is now available.  John Landreith takes on the most challenging case of his career as he comes face-to-face with two of the most determined and dangerous hate-groups in recorded history. 

Forming an unholy alliance that no one would have predicted, the Ku Klux Klan has conspired with a direct descendant of one of Nazi-Germany's most heinous war criminals to bring an unprecedented reign of terror and mayhem to the city of Atlanta. Dieter Roth, along with his beautiful and deadly associate, Ebba Koenig, has arrived in Atlanta. Their agenda is lethal. John Landreith is ready.  The game is on!  

The Iron Cross/Southern Cross cover-art is now in production by renowned artist Michael Miller, and will be unveiled and presented upon completion.

The inaugural novel in The Detective John Landreith Series debuted in 2011 and has received enormous acclaim by readers and reviewers alike.  By The Blood Of The Crescent  Moon introduces Atlanta's legendary Homicide Investigator as he attempts to solve the most heinous and controversial hate-crime ever to occur in the city.   

When the body of an African-American prostitute is discovered and the details of the crime emerge, the fabled Southern capital is taken to a depth of depravity it has never known.   The crime ignites a firestorm of controversy that crosses racial and spiritual boundaries and threatens to engulf the entire city.   Tension mounts when the investigation begins to focus on the most popular white minister in Atlanta, who is ultimately named the principal suspect.   

When a critical piece of evidence goes missing Landreith is forced to devise a daring plan that requires him to rely heavily on untested civilian personnel.   If it fails, a brutal murderer goes free; if it succeeds, it will be hailed as one of the most brilliant and masterful moves in law enforcement history.   

The Killing Field is the third novel in The Detective John Landreith Series and will debut in the Winter of 2014.  

It tells the story of a series of elaborately planned murders that begin to occur in the city of Atlanta after a group of children are brutally killed on a school playground by a deranged  gunman with an automatic weapon.   When state and federal officials fail to act and support legislation restricting the sale of high-capacity automatic rifles and handguns, the father of one of the slain children takes matters into his own hands.   

As Atlanta mourns the loss of twenty-six children, a serial killer silently waits and patiently plans the fate of his next victim.  Systematically and efficiently eliminating selected politicians and  specifically-targeted journalists, the assassin unleashes an torrential reign of bloodshed and terror. 

John Landreith and his team must move quickly to try to identify the next intended victim and anticipate the killer's subsequent move.  The controversial nature of the case and the escalating number of dead bodies will bring more intense scrutiny and public pressure than he has ever known.  

The Killing Field will test Landreith's legendary brilliance and cunning as never before, and force him to devise and implement the most dangerous and daring plan of his life.     

Dr. Ethan Aronov is a distinguished professor of archaeology at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, but he is more widely known in certain parts of the world for his expertise and accomplished research of The Holocaust.  A descendant of Ukrainian Jews, he has more than a passing interest in Adolph Hitler's Final Solution.

  When members of his family flee The Ukraine for Poland in 1933 to escape the engineered program of starvation cruelly devised by Josef Stalin, they happily believe the madness is far behind them. For six years they live and work peacefully in the city of Lodz until a new madness suddenly appears. Hitler's invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939 decimates the country and begins the systematic arrest and annihilation of the Jews living there.  

While researching the death-camp at Auschwitz in an attempt to discover specifics on the fate of his family, Aronov finds his true calling.   Through a series of unlikely coincidences he learns that the S.S. officer that tortured and eventually murdered his grandfather had escaped Germany and was living comfortably in South America.

With the assistance of three trusted colleagues Aronov becomes one of the most notorious and feared Nazi-hunters ever to pursue retribution and justice. With hundreds of Nazis known to have fled Europe after the collapse of the Third Reich, there is no shortage of targets. 

The Detective John Landreith Series
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A murderous specter is stalking the wooded trails nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northeast Georgia. His deranged cunning and ingenious stealth are the reasons why numerous trekkers have vanished into thin air while hiking the famed Appalachian Trail. The series of unexplained disappearances baffle law enforcement officials for years until a sudden rash of grisly homicides bearing eerily similar characteristics occur within days of each other. Suddenly a quiet mountain community is transformed into a panic-stricken nerve center teeming with news reporters and terrified citizens demanding action from the local Sheriff.  

Completely unaware of the terror in the mountains are life-long friends Atcher McEwen and Ben Warner who are on a two-week hiking trip to escape the tension and stress of corporate life in Atlanta. Scheduled to rendezvous at an overnight trail shelter with Ben's fiancé, a renowned outdoor photographer who is on assignment and hiking alone on the trail, the two men begin to panic when she fails to arrive as planned. Suddenly a much needed vacation turns into a frantic hunt for the missing woman.

After several exhausting  days  of  searching Atcher  and  Ben  take  refuge  in  a  trail  shelter
where they quickly fall into a deep sleep. In the early morning hours of the dark night a silent figure quietly enters the shelter and the unthinkable occurs. Atcher McEwen suddenly finds himself alone, badly injured and frantically running for his life.  

After being rescued and briefly hospitalized, he learns the terrifying truth that a serial killer is on the loose high in the mountains. Angered by the tragic events that have altered his life forever, Atcher makes a fateful decision to return to the Appalachian Trail to hunt down the deranged murderer.  

In a stunning conclusion that literally brings Atcher and the woman he loves face-to-face with the killer in a grueling test of physical strength and human resolve, the absolute unthinkable occurs again.  

Based on actual events, THE HIKER is a suspense thriller that takes the reader on a winding trail of terror, dread and intrigue.